Tuesday, November 27, 2012

For those who care

For those of you who care and follow me, there isn't many of you at all but still.

Due to recent events in the last day and being judges and have been treated so very horribly on top of the last few weeks... I have come to some sort of decision.

I will be posting one more chapter on my stories and then I will not be posting at all untill I have completely finished them.

Also, I might never come back to the fandom or facebook.

No one stood up for me, no one seemed to truely care so this is my desicion. If I do come back, I will not help those who didn't help me and who I had helped countless of times.



I'm sorry to hear that, Ellie, but we all care. I know many of us told you how much we appreciated you and loved your work. I will miss you, but if you can't accept me, there is nothing more I can do. I will also miss your writing and your banners, not to mention the help you provided.

Whatever you decide, take care of yourself.
No matter what, know that I care.

- Aunt Bell <3

I'm sorry Ellie! I don't know what happened, I missed the insanity, but I'm so sorry you are going through with this. Please know that we care about you and you will be missed. I hope with time you'll feel welcome again :( Your writing is amazing and I will miss your presence both in FF and FB.

I'm so sorry that you are considering not coming back to the fandom and facebook. I will really miss you, I know that we don't talk often but that doesn't mean that I don't care for you.

Your such an awesome banner maker and I loved the banners that you've made for me in the past. They truly are a work of art.


Sorry to hear that hun. Love your stories and I hope you continue them.

And as always, if you need TWCS help, please email me at Kelly@thewriterscoffeeshop.com

Ellie, hunny... I wrote you on FF. Not sure if you saw it yet, so I will try here. I am so sorry. I really am clueless. I have no idea what happened. If i had known, I would have defended you. I mean it girl, I truly appreciate you! I feel bad we haven't talked in ages ;( But I always care and I always will. I consider you one of my good ff friends. I adore you truly. I think you are sweet, funny and my god you have a hell of an imagination. Its a shame, thanks to people who hurt you bad, that you may not come back to FB or write FF anymore. It will be a great loss, I mean it. You are one of my top fav authors. I dont just say that about anyone. I really think you are so talented, no bullshit! I love yah babe!!! If you need anything, I mean it, I am here. I am sorry sweety, *hugs*

I'm so sorry. I really don't know what happened... I hope with time you'll come back, you're an amazing writter!

Take care of yourself!

I am so sorry to hear what has happened. But we do care. YOu know I love you and your writing especially after you gave me the happy daydreams of Alexander Skargard as Caius!! Oh happy moments. I have no idea what happened, and I would have defended you! Please don't give because of haters. There are plenty here that love you and your writing. Cmon, I want to add more of your stories to my favorites page!!!!!!!

darling girl, i have absolutely no idea what happened? please email me and let me know that you are okay.love you xxx

*shakes head* I see all these messages and yet noone stood up for me, even now, bar one person.

Sorry you feel that way. Many people, including me, have a hard time getting involved in conflicts. No matter what you think, I love you. I will miss you. I hope you come back. I hope you continue doing the things you love.

I'm going to repeat what I told Falling:

I hope you remain part of Fanfiction. I hope you write for the ones that like your writing and stories. I hope you return. I hope you writes because you enjoy it too. Your banner work was wonderful and getting better and better every day and every time. It was beautiful work that you also seemed to enjoy. For these reasons, I hope she continues doing things she loves because she loves it.

Take Care,
Aunt Bell <3

I don't know what happened, but I'm so sorry you've decided to leave :( Thank you for your support, your inspiration and the most beautiful banners (and I still can't stop looking at the one you made for HDE). Please know that you are important, you are much loved and you will be sorely missed. much love. Lisa. xxx

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