Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sneak Peak for Elemental: Prophecy

Paul POV
My sister was becoming more and more unstable with her powers, ever since Henry had been hurt and the house collapsing she’s been meditating daily, but what she doesn’t realize that little tremors happen or sudden changes in the weather. I’m afraid the stress is going to make her snap, not only has she got to train and look after everyone but she has to worry about what she will become and her duties to the vampire world once the Volturi is eliminated.

“I’m worried too,” I cast a look to Peter who sits next to me watching our sister on the cliff.

“Do you know what will happen if she loses herself? I can tell the more she submits to her power and lets it control her she sinks further out of control” I ask gravely, he sighs causing me to turn and fully look at him, his eyes were tormented as he looks at our sister.

“The world will be destroyed, nothing but a barren wasteland of what use to be. The humans and animals will die, and the vampire race will slowly succumb to nothing.” He tells me his eyes glistening with unshed tears; I was horrified and worried all in one.

“How can we help her?” our eyes shoot to Jasper as he stops behind us, his eyes looking at his mate on the cliffs.

“I don’t know man; I just can’t see how to do it. I have a nagging feeling of how but I just can’t grasp it at this moment. I’m worried Major, she, all this stress isn’t good for her. She also feels responsible for Esme and all our suffering.” He trails off in a whisper.


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