Thursday, May 31, 2012

An insite to Ellie

So there has been alot of crazy going around in the fandom world, a lot of he said she said stuff, along with Fanfiction deleting a lot of work off their site.

So it has come to mind, should i continue writing when all my stories are done? Or should i continue, I've noticed that things are going downhill for a lot of people, reviews less and less, updates are dwindling alot.

I know i am in that last part, not being able to write. But being in the Jasper funk i just can't seem to focus on anything.

So that being said, what should I do?


I think when someone good leaves the fandom, it's incredibly hurtful to everyone else left behind who genuinely appreciated and liked them. Whether they know the true reason for the departure or are simply told it's for "personal reasons," the result is the same; even more people than were originally affected end up feeling the loss.

As a latecomer to Jasper/Bella ff, I selfishly hope that you continue to post your stories. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that writers like you put themselves on the line to share your amazing creativity by writing these stories. Even with everything going on at FF, I still believe that the readers love having writers give us new stories whether it be on FF or TWCS. Please don't think that we fans don't appreciate or love your work....ever.

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