Saturday, December 1, 2012


So I got woken up today by a pissed of Falling Stars shaking me awake from my blissful slumber. When asking what was wrong, she promptly told me to read this and get my ass online.

Okay, ladies. I'm sorry, but I just can't keep quiet. I tried to let the drama go, but things have continued in other places and as some of the members in this group are causing it to continue I am addressing it here. And now that Aunt is thinking about leaving I'm way past done.

I might be about to piss off a few people who are playing the pity party game with the ONE THAT STARTED this, but you know what I just don't care anymore. People need to grow up and be the adult women they claim to be because this crap is beyond stupid.

So, for all those that want to know what happened and my resulting feelings on the matter, well here you go:

The drama started a few weeks ago, when Ellie Wolf made a comment that broke our rules. She was asked in a PM and not called out in the group to either edit the comment or it would be deleted. She chose to edit it, but instead of letting it go like anyone else would have, she chose to continue to cause issues and question things. The rules were simple, but seem to be below her and following them seem to just be the biggest problem in the world.

When I asked for known issues, she once again chose to question the rules that have been in place for a while now. I asked specifically to keep things civil. She chose not to. She chose to continue to question and attack what the admins and I have set in place, not Bell. As I recall Bell backed off when asked.

Now, she has deactivated her account and blames Belll and the group for it. That to me is complete BS. I'm not going to play into the pity game anymore. I'm tired of the whoa is me, no one likes me, so I'll just try and garner sympathy from others game that so many people seem to like to play nowadays.

I have news for people if you can't suck up something so freaking petty and let it go, life is going to chew you up and spit you out.

For those that want to continue to play the game and pat the 'victim' on the back and tell her what a good job she's doing than be my guest, but get out of MY group, unfriend me, do not read my stuff anymore, and don't talk to me again. BECAUSE I'M OVER IT. For those that want to post comments,
Falling Stars I'm talking to you mainly, to keep the drama going, then you need to go too. As for the rest of you I'm drawing a line in the sand. It's one side of the other, so figure out which side you want to be on.

At first, I never wanted Ellie to leave FB, or the group, or to stop writing. She has done amazing work on not only banners but her stories. Has been thanked time and time again. However, I'm past that now and couldn't care less anymore.

In essence, I'm done. I'm done with the BS.
Well you know what I say to that Abby? You can go and fuck yourself. I see that even though I as in ME are taking the brunt of the fucking blame maybe ask someone else Bell Whitlock was being RUDE to and accusing them of shit that I didn't do, I had a right to get pissed off and I had a right to answer a question you asked truthfully.

For your information too Miss-lets-judge-people-and-continue-the-drama ON top of helping Star work her way through her Momma's sickness and then looking after my family, mourning the loss of my mother who's anniversary was around . Bell's posts expecially asking me if I even liked the group when I had done so much to help out, well, that was the last straw.

Also thanks to my so called friends not sticking up for me, true friends you are.
So next time think what your comments say and start to accuse the people who pretty much did nothing wrong.
(since you publically posed this in the group, i'm posting it on my blog)


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