Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Story Preview

Twins of Dark and Light

Bee’lla (Bella) POV

The air was chilling giving the sign of an early oncoming winter; my husband and twin were out hunting for meat and warmth along with other men of our tribe to help us women. Though we women knew how to defend and hunt to survive, we left it to our men as we looked after our village. After all our tribe is the last of our kind in these areas, we had been hunted for our knowledge or better yet my family. There were 7 of our tribes with four of our family members in each, usually parents and their children.

The Whi’loks are a powerful bloodline our blood was magic, we were given mighty powers some consider it a curse others a blessing. To our family it is both, we were born as twins as like our father before us. One of darkness and one of light, J’ssper my brother with his hair of woven gold, honey eyes and tanned skin and me hair of charcoal and blood with dark brown eyes and pale skin.

I moved back into the warmth of my hut and sat on the soft wolf skin woven into a blanket my mother had made, we were, I mean my brother and me, were an omen of both good luck and bad.

People shunned me like they shunned my father, we caused pain to all those around us, even the ones we love. My brother could sooth the soul were the whispers of our people like a soft lullaby; so he was treated like royalty like my aunt. He and her both born of light gave good luck and peace to the tribe while me and my father were cast to the dark hills, my brother lives with us not caring for the trinkets the tribe gives.

“Bee’lla, you should be resting child! You are too close to birth” My aunt scolded me in our native tongue while rushing over to me, I smiled softly while running my hand over my womb, I had become with child a year ago to my husband and it was a joyous day. He had been my other half to my soul and I was pleased when he had sought me out in our little hut on the hill far from our tribe, he said he dreamt of me and my beauty.

My husband was my life mate, one who fit the missing piece to my soul. A life mate was it for us and if one should die the other though may live like my father but will always suffer the consuming ache of loss. We cannot take our life as it is not an honourable thing to do and if so the bloodline will wither and die.

“All is well Aunt, come help me up I wish to look upon our tribe before I need to sleep” I smile while holding my hand up for her to pull, she laughed before shaking her golden hair and pulling me to my feet.

“J’ssper and Aleek will be cross with me for letting you up in your weakness. Come now Bee’lla just one minute and then rest” she scolded me like a mother hen and I nodded, I knew my brother and husband will be cross but I need to see the vast land of our tribal village and farmland. Something bad was to happen and I knew it would be partly my fault and unable to stop it, something nags me causing me to rub my womb in panic. I saw flashes dance across my eyes that made me gasp and lean over.

“What is it? What did you see Bee’lla?” my aunt asks worried, panicked as she gripped me. Her eyes were franticly looking over me but I couldn’t answer, no, not because I couldn’t because I didn’t know what I saw. I saw flashes of red eyes and fire, heard screams and felt the power ripple around me.

I looked up and a scream ripped through my throat as I saw warriors from another tribe come running through burning the crops and killing our tribe. The men burst out of the tree line on the other side of the village dropping their kills as they went, I could see my twin at the front followed by our father and my husband. I wheezed as I saw them throw themselves into the fights with only little weaponry, my brother had his hands out and I watched as people dropped when he touched them.


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