Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stand Up 4 Katalina Teaser

So here is my teaser for SU4K

Bella raced across the still dimly lit street and to the gym her studio – Stomp It – was in. She always got in early to warm up and dance before the other teachers arrived, in other words her lazy best friends and the clients.

Ever since she was little, she loved to dance, all kinds of dance, ballroom, ballet, hip hop, you name it, she could do it. Though she loved to dance, Isabella couldn’t fathom going to school for it, so she studied to become a photographer all the while opening her own studio with the help of her best friends Alice and Rosalie.

“Ah Isabella, you are here early again I see. I wish my instructors had your dedication,” Joe called out from across the small way; both hers and his studios at the front were glass so they could see in. He was the owner of the small local gym.

“Joe! You startled me!” she called back after her heart settled slightly.

“Sorry there, sweetheart, now you dance your heart out. I’m going to set up before the boys stampede in,” he chuckles out to her, his mind thanking her like he does every morning. Because of her and her studio, his business wouldn’t be closing again or on the verge of it. Her friends and herself, along with all the mothers and women that trickle in attract their husbands, brothers, and men off the street just to watch.

Shaking her head, she quickly went into the change room and got dressed in her comfy tank top and sweats, and quickly began to warm up knowing that she will have to change again. When Alice walked through the doors, Isabella knew that there was an hour till the first class and a half hour before Alice storms into the studio with ‘suitable shorts.’ God knows how she knows, but she does. Alice has a keen sense for when Bella wears her old comfy ratty clothes.


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