Sunday, June 24, 2012

Unyielding Devotion

I have now posted Unyielding Devotion in Fanfiction, TwiWrite and TWCS... :D

I lay on my bed, my eyes fixed on the little cracks in the roof above; it's what I have been doing for the past few months since Edward left me. I was numb, tired, so tired of everything. How could he do this to me? Was I not good enough for him?

"You… don't… want me?" I gasp out in pain as I stared at the man I loved in front of me.

"No. You're not good for me, Bella."

A sob escaped my chest as the harsh words repeated over and over again in my head, I wrap my arms around me tightly as the hole rips open with new agony.

"Personally I think he's the one not good enough for you" my eyes snap to the left as I jump up at the familiar voice. I rub my eyes unbelievingly as I stared at myself, not just myself, my old self, the one I used to be proud of, the one before Edward Cullen.

"I've finally lost my mind" I whisper with a rough voice as I close my eyes resigned.

"No, you haven't, I'm here to knock some sense into you." With a huff I sat up, my joints protesting at the sudden movement as I stared at myself, waiting for the explanation.

"Have you looked at yourself? Really looked at yourself?" She, no I ask myself, I shake my head causing her to huff, and appearing near the full length mirror covered in the corner, the sheet falls down, and I gasp. My eyes were sunken in, and I looked so pale and pretty much like a corps, my hair was dull and lost its natural shine, along with matted.

"See now look at me, look at what we used to be, I don't even know you anymore. We would have told him to go shove it, no man will ever break us" Old Bella tells me as she stands at my side. I gasp in horror at the difference, causing her to smile sadly.

"He wasn't worth it; he broke you on purpose, think Bella think. Remember what Jasper said, Mates can never leave their mate for a long period of time, and hurt them the way he did to you, it's against their nature!" She yells at me while pointing to us in the mirror, memories of Jaspers words flow through as I remember the one time we got to be alone.


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